About TDP

About the charitable organization
Teachers for Democracy and Partnership

The organization has existed since 2002 and has an active educational activities among school administrators, teachers and students of Ukraine with the introduction of innovative learning technologies, education and personal growth, publishes and distributes the relevant literature.

Before we can ask for any information regarding our programs and training, particularly for holding training sessions for heads of schools according to the materials contained in this guide.

We combined the ideas of democracy and social partnership, doluchayuchys to building civil society, through the teamwork of professionals, the effective use of existing resources and new technologies, we act in the name of renewal and educational space in Ukraine.

The organization has developed the following programs:

  • Civic and legal education of youth - youth education and adult basic principles of democracy, and the mechanisms of protecting human rights and freedoms, her mastery of knowledge of legal system and legislation in Ukraine, development of legal culture and civic skills, critical thinking skills to solve social democratic problems and promote human rights and their own position
  • Development of local communities in Ukraine - the spread of student social projects that promote education of active and competent citizens who can effectively solve the problem of local life and work with local governments
  • Introduction of new interactive technologies in the practice of educational institutions of Ukraine - education and teacher training, teachers of higher educational institutions, employees of postgraduate education, trainers in the field of innovative techniques, training of teachers of certain subjects to the introduction of interactive technologies in teaching (history, law, ethics, civic education, physics, subjects that are taught in elementary school)
  • ·Debate - the development of youth skills to defend their own position, openly and from different viewpoints to discuss social issues, training of teachers of debate clubs and holding debatyyh tournaments in schools
  • Learning fundamentals of educational change management - training heads of educational institutions, the formation of leadership skills, abilities, personality traits of modern school director, training directors to manage change in the activities of the institution
  • Education for sustainable development (environmental aspect) - the course of classroom teaching and extracurricular activities for students of primary schools with adequately trained teachers

The partners of the organization in Ukraine is the Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine, Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, regional institutes of postgraduate education teachers, secondary and higher education institutions, NGOs, publishing houses that specialize in textbooks.

In international projects, organization that works with educational organizations, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Lithuania, Moldova, Poland, USA and Sweden.

The organization is a member of the International Debate Education Association and the Network of educational institutions of Ukraine.

The organization offers:

  • Toolkit and advanced educational technology training civic education, law and human rights
  • Training materials - manuals for students of secondary schools, teaching aids for teachers, lecturers, trainers;
  • Education and training of teachers and lecturers through the use of intensive training courses
  • Information and organizational support for educational projects at the local level, aimed at the democratization of education
  • Advice, training teaching staff and support the introduction of innovative technologies in individual schools
  • Integration of the organizations and institutions working in the field of civic education and social partnership

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